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Our Customers LOVE observe4success

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Trent Mosley
Senior Chief for Equity and Culture
Cleveland Metropolitan School District, Ohio
The role of the principal has elevated from merely being a manager to being an instructional leader. The characteristics that instructional leaders demonstrate have also evolved from just conducting evaluations during set points in the year to engaging in instruction and feedback on strong instructional practices on a routine basis. Central to this daily focus on instructional interaction is classroom visits. With the heightened interest and importance of this element of instructional leadership, the gap that observe4success has filled for my network of principals is providing a digital platform to easily record visits, seamlessly document evidence, and effortlessly triangulate the themes to determine supports needed building-wide. The platform is adaptable and able to be constructed in a format that is tailored to the individual principal’s needs. This is a major plus when you think of the fluid world principals operate in. Principals want tools that are equally adaptable to their changing landscape.

While the system is great, the customer service is equally impressive. You feel like you’re their only customer because they thoughtfully meet you where you are at. It feels more personal than business. Given that we, as educators, are in the people business, this matters because relationships matter to us, and their approach to the work demonstrates alignment with this belief.

From a financial position, the cost is marginal compared to the impact of the work. In fact, it’s the best price point I have seen, and I have done business with a few. Please do yourself a favor and partner with a company who that knows the work and respects the work of a principal.
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Tiffani Richmond
Vice President of Curriculum and Instruction
Charter School Associates, Florida
The impact of observe4success on our schools has been truly transformative. With its user-friendly interface, timely feedback mechanisms, and collaborative features, the platform has significantly contributed to our academic growth and boosted teacher morale and professional development. By providing specific, constructive feedback that acknowledges teachers' strengths and offers targeted improvement suggestions, the platform has made teachers feel valued and supported, leading to increased confidence and job satisfaction.

Furthermore, observe4success has revolutionized our instructional coaching and professional development efforts by providing detailed data and insights, enabling us to design more personalized instructional coaching sessions. As a result, teachers can now work on areas of growth with clear guidance, leading to noticeable progress in their teaching techniques and strategies. The platform also promotes open communication and a culture of sharing best practices, allowing teachers to discuss feedback and strategies with peers, coaches, and administrators, fostering a collective effort to improve teaching methodologies and student outcomes, creating a more cohesive and supportive educational community.

Overall, observe4success has had a significantly positive impact on our schools, elevating our teaching standards and strengthening our sense of unity. I wholeheartedly recommend this platform to any school seeking to enhance teacher performance and create a thriving learning environment.
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Amber Riffe
Elementary/Pre-K Supervisor
Mercer County Public Schools, West Virginia
Our district chose to go with observe4success this past school year for a digital walkthrough database. The o4s staff created our accounts with one Excel spreadsheet from our IT department, created our templates based on our needs, and constantly provide any support we need. We have rarely had to call on o4s because the product works so great! This program is easy to use and helps us gather the data we need to provide support to our staff and increase student achievement.
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Jim Greene
Principal | Almira PreK-8 School
Cleveland Metropolitan School District, Ohio
Throughout my 20 years in education, I have used various web-based programs and found observe4success to be the best program to track data and support your staff! The in-depth forms that you, customer support, or educators across the world create allow you to track both qualitative and quantitative data that will take your school to the next level. The data you receive from the feedback forms guide you and your leadership teams to identify areas of strength and focus and assures optimal high-leverage support. Additionally, any time you have an issue it is quickly resolved by customer support. Overall, I highly recommend this program as it is a cost-effective way to organize low-inference data, communicate, build capacity, and support your staff.
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Linda Sears
Director of Teaching and Learning
Braxton County Schools, West Virginia
With our school administrators being challenged to not only be the instructional leader of the school but the day-to-day manager, observe4success has made one task much easier. Having a grasp on classroom instruction and student engagement is vital for student and school success. Our administrators and directors reviewed three platforms for walkthroughs and decided upon observe4success. Not only is it easy to customize and utilize, but reports also allow for data to be quickly reviewed and analyzed to determine strengths and weaknesses. Customer support is ALWAYS available with very quick responses. I would encourage any educator looking to purchase a walkthrough tool, to give observe4success a look!
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Dr. Jana M. Alig
Director of Teaching and Learning
Groveport Madison Schools, Ohio
observe4success is such an amazing tool for district and building administrators to provide timely and useful feedback to teachers. The platform is flexible and easy to use. Forms are customizable and easily adapted for different areas of instructional focus. The customer service is top-notch. This tool has such potential to continue to support our growth as educators--both teachers and administrators.
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Jon Haskel
Pinecrest St. Rose, Nevada
We love observe4success at Pinecrest St. Rose. The platform is very user-friendly and simple to learn for both administrators and teachers alike. observe4success has improved the efficiency of our teacher observation and feedback loop. We are able to customize forms within observe4success to fit our unique teacher evaluation process. The customer service at observe4success is top-notch. They are proactive in offering assistance and checking in our school and program. The team has an amazing response time when we need to make adjustments or have any questions regarding observe4success.
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Stephanie L Patton
Area Superintendent, Region 2
Columbus City Schools, Ohio
As an area superintendent, I needed a way to streamline data across multiple schools to find trends and patterns of student achievement and areas of support. observe4success allowed me to create multiple tools to measure and monitor outcomes and results. The customer service was A+ for not only myself, but my team members. As we were learning to navigate the tools, someone was always on call and responded well within 24 hours and assisted with any request we had. I would highly recommend this service.
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Esther Blackwell
Executive Director
Entheos Academy, Utah
Our schools have used observe4success for a number of years, and we love this tool! Conducting, sharing, and analyzing observation data is so much easier when you have such a simple and effective solution!
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Karen Ganus
Director of Human Resources
Dixie District Schools, Florida
As a small district, we appreciate that observe4success provides a cost-effective, quality product with exceptional customer support. The tool is extremely easy to customize, provides immediate feedback to teachers, and offers a variety of reports that analyze the collected data. Improvement in instruction and student success can be directly tied to the use of observe4success in our schools.
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Alison Sayre
Curriculum Director
Washington-Nile Local Schools, Ohio
Washington-Nile Local School District has been a satisfied customer of observe4success for several years. Our administrative team appreciates observe4success’ comprehensive tools that equip us with a user-friendly way to provide timely and relevant feedback to our staff. Portsmouth West Elementary administrative staff have utilized the customizable walkthrough feature to create specific tools that align with the building reading achievement plan. Customer service from observe4success is top-notch! The team goes above and beyond to assist us with any technical support needed.
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Eric Fowler
Director of Education & Information Technology
observe4success is a teacher evaluation management solution designed to cater to educational organizations of all types and sizes. It enables administrators and instructors to optimize and streamline a process that can be time-consuming and cumbersome.

It helps our schools streamline our process and has great tools and resources adjusted to fit our needs. It has robust reports and features that allow us to track an instructor’s progress and development over an extended period of time.

The observe4success team is always there to help and answer questions quickly. Our schools have been with them for several years, and we could not be happier. Thank you, observe4success!
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Amber Aulozzi
ES Chief Academic Officer
Milwaukee College Prep, Wisconsin
observe4success has been an excellent tool for observations and evaluations. We are able to customize our forms to fit our needs. observe4success provides a high level of support and has supported MCP with everything we have asked for in a timely manner. As a network, we are able to pull data from the platform to improve our practices. We have used observe4success since 2014 and each year o4s has rolled out new improvements and advances. Thank you observe!
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Jila Rezaie, Ed.D
Executive Director
Miami Community Charter Schools, Florida
Miami Community Charter Schools has been using observe4success since 2019. We use the program for the weekly and bi-weekly walk-throughs. The program allows us to monitor the progress of the teaching & learning process in each teacher's classroom. The benchmarks are developed in accordance with the Teacher Performance Assessment platform we use in the school. The feedback is immediate, and therefore the improvement and progress is an ongoing process during the school year, with every teacher and in every classroom.
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Hope Jernigan
Assistant Superintendent
Columbia County Schools, Florida
observe4success has provided Columbia County Schools with a platform to provide teachers with timely and specific feedback from peers and administrators. Our teachers have grown to expect that when their administrator observes within their classroom, they can have relevant follow-up conversations that can direct their instructional and classroom management practices now, rather than later.
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